First release on Mozzarella for Massimiliano Canale. When we heard that our mind went straight to the late great J Dilla, Massimiliano’s production sounds that broken but with a steady 4/4 kick drum and disco beats, fresh!

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aight to the late great

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Señormuscolo out now on Spare Change Disco

IMG_7207 copy

Sister label Spare Change Disco just unleashed the forth release. Señormuscolo is a well known edit master with a taste for boogie. Number 4 is out now trough the label Discogs’ page, as usual it’s strictly limited to 30 vinyl copies and will never be released digitally.

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When we sent out requests to rmx Funkabit’s latest ep Heartquake we didn’t expect such a great response, we had to cut it down to five, but five of the best!
So to keep you happy and busy while Funky is working on his debut album our national pride managed to get the long time friend and collaborator Scuola Furano, the house master Lil Gabri and the jaking Dinamix, Waxlife the king of edits and the analog synth maestro Luca Di Stefano.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Heartquake Remix ep.

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Deo & Z – Man Slippin’ Into Somethin’ (Frank Agrario Remix)


Sneaking in under the radar late last year, and far too late for most end of year polls, came one of the most inventive and infectious long players of 2013.
Hamburg heroes Deo & Z-Man’s wildly eclectic and playful neo-classic ‘No Bullshit’ was a riot of ideas, colours, moods and general party-rocking good grooves. Released on the always forward-looking hafendisko label, the album fully deserves this exten- sive, similarly creative remix package.
Totalling 18 tracks, ‘No Bullshit Remixes’ had mana- ged to pull together an enviable line up of producers to rework and reinterpret each of the album’s tracks.
ARTTU provides a typically unhinged neo-electro ver- sion of ‘Chopped Memories’, while Marc Schneider’s remix of ‘Iced Out Space Lazerlights’ riffs on the
outer space groove of the original. Smallville boss Julius Steinhoff delivers signature piece of tightly wound deepness, while Frank Agrario provides a synth boogie-trip take on ‘Slippin’ Into Somethin’.
The breath of styles matches that of the original album – Faded Ranger choose to expand on the wigged out hip-hop chug of Two Blue Bros, while Lee Burton’s ‘Smokeroad’ treatment treads an ambient, smoker’s de- light path towards enlightenment.
Tiger Skin and Alex Dimou both provide exceptional dance floor damagers from the original source materi- al, while Subz&Matik drop two equally killer breaks-in- spired versions of ‘Ms Oberheim’. Erobique and Luca Lozano both take on the single ‘XTC’ – and produce radically different, yet equally interesting results.
Elsewhere, Credit 00, Joney, La Boum Fatale, RatKat, SLG and Deo and Z-Man themselves complete the hu- gely impressive collection – no filler, no bullshit.
hfndisk14 – 18 August 2014 – 4250382427575
01. Chopped Memories (ARTTU Remix)
02. Smokeroad (Lee Burton Remix)
03. Tales Of Love (Julius Steinhoff Remix)
04. Universal Neighbours (SLG Remix)
05. Iced Out Space Lazerlights (Marc Schneider Remix) 06. Slippin’ Into Somethin’ (Frank Agrario Remix)
07. Tamastar Santini feat. Janos (Credit 00 Reprise)
08. XTC (Luca Lozano’s Accidental 2CB Remix)
09. Two Blue Bros (Faded Ranger Remix)
10. Music To Driveby (Alex Dimou Remix)
11. Y R U A G (La Boum Fatale Remix)
12. Vino feat. Oreste (Deo & Z-Man Clubmix)
13. Yo! Whaaat? (Joney Remix)
14. Electric Spaceship (RatKat Remix)
15. Ms Oberheim (Subz&Matik Remix)
16. XTC (Erobique Remix)
17. Tales Of Love (Tigerskin Remix)

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Sbtrkt – New Dorp, New York (Funkabit unOFFICIAL remix)



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Nostalgic,romantic and warm. We met N.O.N. few months ago when he rmxed S.BOYZ’ Namless, it was already all there, the spacious groove, the percussion and the melodic element, enough to get us on our toes. Juliebe has such a pretty melody that you wish it never ends, a perfect late night / early morning tune.
From Argentina to Mexico D.F. Veneno brings his cosmic disco touch to Juliebe. The guitar can easily be the theme of a Tarantino movie.
S.Boyz take the theme to the dance floor, you can play that at peak time, it will work.
Last but not least Mono anubis enhance the melody in an unexpected way, we loved the plunky synth.

buy it here.

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We are punks, that’s why we do splits, because splits are punk!
2 Perspective of 2014 disco, Moo Monster vs. SUbpRime, and 2 rmxes courtesy of number chart hit makers Lo Stato Sociale, not 100% punk but hey! it’s not 77!!!!!

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