Sbtrkt – New Dorp, New York (Funkabit unOFFICIAL remix)



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Nostalgic,romantic and warm. We met N.O.N. few months ago when he rmxed S.BOYZ’ Namless, it was already all there, the spacious groove, the percussion and the melodic element, enough to get us on our toes. Juliebe has such a pretty melody that you wish it never ends, a perfect late night / early morning tune.
From Argentina to Mexico D.F. Veneno brings his cosmic disco touch to Juliebe. The guitar can easily be the theme of a Tarantino movie.
S.Boyz take the theme to the dance floor, you can play that at peak time, it will work.
Last but not least Mono anubis enhance the melody in an unexpected way, we loved the plunky synth.

buy it here.

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We are punks, that’s why we do splits, because splits are punk!
2 Perspective of 2014 disco, Moo Monster vs. SUbpRime, and 2 rmxes courtesy of number chart hit makers Lo Stato Sociale, not 100% punk but hey! it’s not 77!!!!!

buy it here

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Illegal Rmxs, re-edits or mash-up can finally be legal.


i’m pretty sure you made your version of someone else track and dreamed about an official release, well this time the dream can come true. We recently released Funkabit’s new ep Hearthquke, grab the files from your store of choice and do your own thing using whatever part you want of the extended, radio or the acapella, upload to your sound cloud or band camp and share the link with us at before july the 31th, the best 2 rmxes or edits will be officially released on the rmx ep, while the best mash ups will be posted on our web page and will get 5 releases of your own choice from our catalog. Get at work!

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foto 4

What a great night!
It’s always good to see a lot of people smiling and dancing, It’s always good To see a museum converted into a great open air club for a night, it’s always good to see that when music is good people react even if we had 4 very different acts performing and it’s always good when the weather report is bad and looks like you will have to cancel the show but everything runs smooth till the very last track, It’s always good to see that when you believe into something it’s gonna work. A big Thnx to Eleva Festival and S.BoYZ, Italo Brutalo & Funkabit, and all the lovely people we met, Frank Agrario is very prowd of his family, official pictures coming soon.

Frank Agrario & Funkabit
foto 1
Frank Agrario @ Italo Brutalo
Foto 1

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A3 A5-03-1

If you live in Reggio Emilia get ready, today (Friday the 13th) you can catch up with quite a bit of the family, Italo Brutalo Frank Agrario Funkabit and S.BoyZ will play for your pleasure, dancing shoes needed.
Palazzo dei giardini del museo, Reggio Emilia, FREE ENTRY.

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Third release on the Spare Change Disco Imprint, this time is the turn of A Digital Needle, Canadian edit masters.
As usual this is a vinyl only release, limited to 30 numbered copies. buy button till you can direct to discogs page.

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