Spare Change Disco is our sister label, vinyl only, 30 numbered copies of the finest disco edits. 007 is the first release from Frank Agrario, Disco Drum on the A side, deep in the pocket slow disco, perfect to start the party or chill the vibe after to many hits and  Drum on the B side, a drum only version of the same edit, a big drum fiesta dubbed out with delay and reverbs Jamaican style.

get your vinyl copy here

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Belissima-Cover If you were in Rimini in the 80″ you sure had fun, the beach was nice, the food was great, the clubs where the best and it was fool of German, Dutch and northern European tourists,  the Italian boys played on top of their game to get lucky with the lovely foreigners while the Italian girls well… you know, good time. Check the movie Rimini Rimini with Jerry Calà to feel the vibe. When this song came in it was summer, i was just back from my American tour and was on the highway heading south for the holidays, instant memories, instant summer , instant Love. Deo & Z-Man must have that in their Italian blood and Babyman surely spent few summers in Rimini, spot on! 100% 80″ italo beach disco vibe. buy it here An ultra limited transparent vinyl with handmade artwork is in the making, stay tuned!

Artwork Pic by Pelle Buys Van Houtem

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Autorun, an 80″ video game where you drove trough California on super fast cars, it was actually the first games where you could choose the music, and it sounded a bit like Linntronix & Samm ‘ Subtrash. This Arp Disco monster has for sure a retro video game vibe, the arpy crescendos are perfect for a car race, the drums makes you wanna dance and the clap makes you wanna …. clap!  Instant satisfaction.

Moo Moonster is already a master of the arp Disco sound, add a bit of Miami vice percussion, a touch of space drum here and there and the math is easily done, a wonderful rmx.

buy it here

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Vinyl my love, JDP DISCO is a new vinyl Re-Edit label made in Italy, the first release includes edits by A Digital Needle, cult disco Dj Rudy Franceschi, Belabouche, Frank Agrario and the guy in charge Steven Jdp,  support vinyl!

Discogs Le Disque

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N2B just released 2 amazing edits on sister label Spare Change Disco, only 30 numbered copies on black wax, check it out!

Buy direct trough Discogs

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Psychedelic. Get Loose and dance.  Aquaphonik‘s first release is the kinda thing that makes you wanna dance and forget, find a good club, get a drink and enjoy the music, it’s gonna be a good party.

buy it here

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First release on Mozzarella for Massimiliano Canale. When we heard that our mind went straight to the late great J Dilla, Massimiliano’s production sounds that broken but with a steady 4/4 kick drum and disco beats, fresh!

Buy it here

aight to the late great

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